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Behind his impassive expression, Soundwave is as cold and ruthless as they come. He cares nothing for right or wrong, for the advancement of a cause, or the welfare of his fellow Decepticons. All he cares about is information, and he acquires it any way he can. He spies on everyone, from the lowliest Autobot scout up to Megatron himself. He hoards information the way a miser hoards gold, sharing it sparingly, if at all. No one knows what the true purpose behind his obsessive data collection is, but all fear him for the secrets he keeps. Autobots beware, because the ultimate Decepticon spy is on the hunt for someone to pound! He converts from robot mode to tape player mode and back, and all the while his flying wedge of minions are waiting to do his bidding. Your Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Decepticon Rumble, Decepticon Frenzy and Ravage figures convert from robot mode to microcassette mode and back again, depending on Soundwave’s will. They fit in your Soundwave figure’s tape deck when he’s in tape player mode! Get an incredible force of Decepticons with this Masterpiece Soundwave figure!

  • Includes 5 converting microcassettes: Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Decepticon Rumble, Decepticon Frenzy and Ravage
  • Figures convert from robot mode to microcassette mode and back
  • Energon Cube included
  • Ages 5+

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